• Favourite Writers
    Famous Works of Literature

    Franz Kafka

    Habib Tanvir

    Fyodor Dostoevsky

    Samuel Beckett: Waiting for Godot

    Shakespeare: Macbeth; The Merchant of Venice

    Mahesh Dattani: Bravely Fought the Queen -

    Generally speaking, study of literature is (critical) appreciation of works known as literature, though it is rather difficult to define what is literature. As we see it today, it is a special area of activity, and professionals are involved in this, like any other subject or discipline of study. There are departments of literature in colleges and universities and students are trained in matters that go far beyond the actual corpus known as 'literature'. Students are to read history of literature, various theories, rhetorics and language etc, besides the actual works of literature, with the pre-understanding that those informations and knowledge would better equip them to appreciate a literary text.

    However, confining literature in the departments and making it a subject of academic 'study'does not encompass the entire perspective. It is part of a cultural activity in which all literate people participate, no matter how diverse and un-academic their responses are. It provides a unique aesthetic experience; makes one participate in areas of language and sensibility that is otherwise impossible to reach. Literature always belongs to the domain of the common people.